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Our job is about much more than simply putting the right bums on the right seats.

We like to know how our candidates are faring at work – along with how they’re feeling – which is why we’ve asked a very diverse cross-section of our clients’ and candidates about their happiness, wellbeing, sickness and productivity in the workplace.

The results are surprising, informative, and extremely interesting.

What our employees had to say

From our research, we found that contending with an overly heavy workload (42%) and lacking the necessary support from management (40%) made the greatest impact on the wellbeing of UK workers.

What employers had to say

Did you know?

  • Only 13% of employers experience high levels of sickness absence
  • 87% of employers believe sick staff should stay home
  • Nearly a fifth of employers do nothing to improve workplace wellbeing
  • 23% of employers would reward workers for not taking time off sick

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