Helping you to happiness

We all know that when something less than brilliant happens at work (you miss a deadline, have a run in with your boss, or find your colleagues are driving you mad), it can have a pretty big impact on your mood (swings) at home; but it works both ways. When you don’t feel great about your life out of work, it can be a real struggle to stay focused, motivated, and even awake in the office. Luckily, there are some simple changes you can make to your home life that will have an enormously positive impact on your time at work.

Our job is all about helping you to achieve career success; which is why every quarter, we measure workplace happiness all over the UK to really get to the bottom of how you’re feeling. We use a nice company called Opinion Matters (your opinion always matters to us, so we thought it was only fitting) to track happiness and morale levels across the sexes, age ranges, and regions.
And because we love helping you to reach your full potential ― whether that’s as a whizzy PA, a super competent secretary, or an ultra-organised administrator ― we’ve written some insightful pieces about how to make yourself happier at home; and in turn, more successful in the office. Sounds pretty good to us. 

From eating your way to happy and managing your money effectively, to stress busting activities and the importance of holidays, we’ve got your wellbeing covered.