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Welcome to the latest report on salaries from Office Angels. Every six months we analyse salary trends for office professional roles to bring you:

  • A snapshot of the UK jobs market
  • Salary averages from 200 jobboards
  • Industry performance based on job volumes

UK employment peaks, but top talent is in high demand

The UK recruitment market continues to be a positive place for many as confidence in the economy grows. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed an increase of 6% in the number of vacancies in the three months from September to November, than in the same period in 2014. With more people in work than at any time in recorded history (over 31 million working in the UK – equivalent to 73.9% of the population), keeping on top of what your competitors are offering has never been so important.

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2015 July-December salary update

The second half of 2014 has been characterised by a fall in unemployment, but a slowing in the pace of job creation. In the course of the last six months, unemployment has fallen to 6% —taking it below the two million mark for the first time in six years in the largest annual fall since records began in 1972

2014 January-June salary update

Bigger teams, better salaries, broader opportunities. Has the market finally got its mojo back? Since the beginning of 2014, the media has been crammed with positive reports celebrating a boom in hiring levels. The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) called it the end of the 2012/13 ‘jobs enigma’ and the beginning of the ‘jobs machine’.

2013 Q3 salary update

The news was rife with positive predictions, comments and reports on the state of the British Economy. Chancellor George Osborne promised ‘a job-rich recovery’ in his autumn statement, bolstered by his belief that British businesses have entered 2014 with the highest levels of confidence for 20 years — newly secure in their ability to grow sales, exports and profits.

2013 Q2 salary update

Advertised salaries for personal assistants dropped to an average of £20,316 (down 32.9% from last quarter), with the largest year-on-year decrease seen in East Anglia (-13%). Things were a little more positive in the capital however, with PAs commanding an average salary of £30,217 − up 3.9% on last year.

2013 Q1 salary update

During the first quarter of 2013, average salaries for permanent general staffing roles remained fairly consistent, with any declines falling mostly below the 3% mark - indicating a competitive but buoyant market; salaries on the temporary side have however seen far greater variation.

2012 Q4 salary update

Looking back over the past quarter, average salaries for permanent general staffing roles have remained consistent. Declines are minimal, with salaries remaining predominately competitive across the country.

2012 Q3 salary update

Almost all areas of the UK have seen a modest increase in salaries across most roles. The East Midlands has enjoyed a large increase in salaries for administrators (+3.4%), while the South West has seen the most convincing increase in salaries for customer service roles.

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