In just the same way that your life at work can have a major impact on your happiness at home, so too can you life at home influence your time at work. If you’re feeling stressed, run down or worried about anything in your personal life, you might find it hard to stay focused, motivated, and even awake at work. But by making just a few simple changes to your home life, you could really improve your productivity in the office.

And if you’re doing well in one job, it could spur you on to the next stage of your career.

Because we love helping you to reach your full potential ― whether that’s as a secretary, administrator or account manager ― we’ve written a few handy little pieces about making yourself happier at home; and in turn, more successful in the office. From beating those depressing winter blues and combating workplace stress, to managing your money effectively and eating foods that will make you feel full of beans, we’ve got the most important areas covered. We’ll also take a look at stress-busting activities and the importance of taking a holiday, because a few of you work just a tad too hard; and while we admire your commitment, it might be time to take a break.

To read any of these pieces, just click on the links below.

Beating the winter blues
Calling all holiday dodgers
Beat workplace stress
Eat your way to happy
Managing your money
Stress-busting activities
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