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Happiness at work


Happiness at Work logoWe all know that when something less than brilliant happens at work (you miss a deadline, have a run in with your boss, or find your colleagues are driving you mad), it can have a pretty big impact on your mood (swings) at home; but it works both ways.

When you don't feel great about your life out of work, it can be a real struggle to stay focused, motivated, and even awake in the office. Luckily, there are some simple changes you can make to your home life that will have an enormously positive impact on your time at work.

And because we love helping you to reach your full potential – whether that's as a whizzy PA, a super competent secretary, or an ultra-organised administrator – we've written some insightful pieces about how to make yourself happier at home; and in turn, more successful in the office. Sounds pretty good to us.

The quarterly index

Our job is all about helping you to achieve career success; which is why every quarter, we measure workplace happiness all over the UK to really get to the bottom of how you're feeling. We use a nice company called Opinion Matters (your opinion always matters to us, so we thought it was only fitting) to track happiness and morale levels across the sexes, age ranges, and regions.

The quarterly index

August 2013

As we entered the warmer summer months, the change from cold and snowy to sunny and balmy must have left you all dreaming of far off climes, because this quarter saw workplace happiness levels drop from 59% to 56%.

April 2013

Despite the rain, snow, and freezing temperatures that plagued the first three months of the year, Britons are feeling happier at work than they were at the end of 2012. Almost six in ten (59%) claim to be happy in their current jobs.

January 2013

This quarter’s results are in, and it seems that you’re feeling just as happy in your jobs now as you were in 2012 our research suggests that UK morale and job satisfaction levels have remained constant.

October 2012

With an 8% rise on last quarter, four in ten UK workers said that they were happy, which is a positive improvement on this time last year when only 37% of you described yourselves as being happy.

July 2012

This quarter’s results are in, and we’re sad to see that on the whole, you’re not quite as happy as you were three months ago — dropping from 41% in April to 36% in July.

April 2012

Great news: our recent Happiness at Work research has revealed that you lovely people are happier at work now than you were this time last year; which means that your employers must be doing something right.

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