July 2012 results


UK's happiness at work takes a dip

Each and every quarter, we measure the UK’s happiness at work by asking the wonderful people over at Opinion Matters to use their expert know-how on our behalf. To give us a good idea of how you’re feeling, they measure happiness and morale levels across a whole load of cross sections, including sex, age and location.

This quarter’s results are in, and we’re sad to see that on the whole, you’re not quite as happy as you were three months ago — dropping from 41% in April to 36% in June.

Geographically, Scots are the happiest at work (45%) followed closely by people from Yorkshire (42%) and those in London (41%); this is compared to just 28% of people in the West Midlands, who are the unhappiest of the bunch.

The research also found that men are slightly happier than women (at 39% and 35% respectively), and the over 55s are happiest of all age groups (44%), compared with 35% of 16-24 year olds. When it comes to industries, people in the arts and culture and the building and constructions sectors are the happiest in the UK (45%), with professional services (43%) hot on their heels.

Overall, 34% of Brits feel pretty neutral about their current job, and an unfortunate 30% of you feel unhappy. If you’re really down in the dumps, you can always talk to us about moving on to pastures new, but it might not be work alone that’s causing the slump.

With such awful weather hitting our shores, it’s no wonder that morale has been a little low of late; the sun makes us so much cheerier, and we all feel a tad cheated that our summer has been drenched in downpours.

But we should also remember that with the Olympics on our very doorstep, this is a summer of celebration. So if the mood in your office is a little flat, London 2012 is a great way to get everyone engaged (which is simply great for productivity, loyalty and overall happiness).

But if you still need a helping hand, visit our happiness at work page for some really useful advice on staying happy, healthy and upbeat in every area of your life. Or, if you just need a friendly chat, contact your local branch today — or drop in for a cuppa.

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