April 2012 results


Shiny happy people

Great news: our recent Happiness at Work research has revealed that you lovely people are happier at work now than you were this time last year; which means that your employers must be doing something right.

Either that, or you’ve been reading all of the well-meant advice that Office Angels has been giving you on staying happy, healthy, and upbeat in every area of your life.

Workplace happiness dropped to 39.3% at the end 2011, but following a much needed boost at the start of the year, 41% of workers are now in high spirits; which is just wonderful to hear. Nonetheless, it still remains lower than this time last year, when almost half (46.6%) of workers were happy in their jobs. And wouldn’t it be lovely if we could break those levels this year?

With lingering redundancies and little talk of pay increases, it won’t be easy; but because our glass-half-full consultants believe that anything is possible, we’ll be making it our mission to bring you lots of different ways to boost your own happiness at work. 

Happiness at work by region