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Young people and workers in Wales top UK happiness at work chart

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Every quarter, we measure the happiness levels of the UK’s workers to give us a snapshot of how everyone’s feeling in their jobs. Our research partners over at Opinion Matters use their expertise to measure happiness and morale levels ― spanning gender, age, location and industry ― and this quarter, it seems that happiness is on the up

Despite the rain, snow, and freezing temperatures that plagued the first three months of the year, Britons are feeling happier at work than they were at the end of 2012. Almost six in ten (59%) claim to be happy in their current jobs, which is a noteworthy increase from last quarter when just four in ten workers (42%) described themselves as being happy.

Perhaps the increased optimism surrounding the jobs market ― a trend that is set to continue ― has lifted your spirits; or maybe you’re just happy to be indoors.

If we look at the onrush of good feeling from a regional stance, it’s interesting to note that the country’s happiest workers can be found in Wales, with an overwhelming 67% of Welsh workers reporting happiness at work; closely followed by workers in the South East (66%). Those in Northern Ireland are the least happy at work, with only 50% feeling satisfied; followed by workers in the North East at 54%.

Happiness at work April 2013 infographic

With widespread youth unemployment across the country, those in work are the happiest of all age ranges in the UK, with only 14% of 16-24s describing themselves as unhappy in their jobs. In support of this, workers who have been in their careers for less than two years are the happiest of the bunch, with three-quarters (73%) claiming to be content at work.

But it’s not location, age, or length of service alone that causes the UK’s happiness at work figures to vary wildly, with job sectors making the biggest difference this quarter.

Those in the arts and culture industry are the happiest in their jobs (with 76% feeling good about their careers); followed by those in the professional services industry at 72%.

On the flip side, the least happy workers this quarter came from the finance industry (42%); closely followed by those in the legal sector (46%). There was however no difference between the happiness levels of full and part time workers, with an average of 59% across both demographics.

It’s wonderful to see that as a whole, the UK is feeling happier at work than they were last quarter; but if you’re one of the unhappy few, why not call us for a friendly chat about your career, or drop in at one of our branches?

You can also visit www.office-angels.com/happy for some really useful advice on staying happy, healthy and upbeat in every area of your life.

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