You are what you read

Do you want to further your career? Or perhaps you are looking to change your career altogether? If so, you need to make sure you are well read on the area you are hoping to enter. After all, there is nothing more damaging than ignorance. 

You need to take time to find out if there are any industry magazines or websites with information on the field you would like to move into. If there are magazines, it will be worth buying a few so that you are well versed in the practices and talk of that industry. The internet will also become your best friend as you find out the latest news and developments within that field.

Being well read will come across at interview. If you have a deep insight into what you and your interviewer are talking about, you will be far more successful. Also, you will often be asked if you have any questions while you are being interviewed and if you can ask a couple of insightful questions related to the industry as a whole, you will undoubtedly make a good impression.  

It won’t take much out of your day to take a bit of time to read an article or two. If you spread it over weeks rather than hours, you will not only be able to take your time, but the information also has a much better chance of soaking in and being remembered. Planning a little bit of reading into your life could be the difference between a job offer and a rejection. 

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