Time for a change?


If you are beginning to feel restless in your job, it can difficult to decide whether you need a new challenge, or whether it’s time to take a risk and go for a complete change in career.

You need to consider whether you are actually satisfied with your career. If you’re not, it could be time for a change. Think about what you have achieved so far in terms of opportunities at work, promotions, pay rises, experience, respect gained and the impact you have made.

After considering these points, it will be easier to evaluate whether you have reached the level of success you were aiming for, or whether it is time to move on in order to succeed. 

There are a number of different possibilities, and depending on the size of company you work for and your level of satisfaction with your current employer, you could apply for new roles within the same company. However, you may feel that you need a complete change, and this change could include the same kind of work, or something different altogether.

Asking yourself the following questions will help you to gauge what it is you actually want:

Do you enjoy your day-to-day working activities?

If the answer is no, you need to work out why. If the thought of carrying on with the same role in another company does not excite you, it could be that you need a complete change.

Do you get on with the people you work with?

You need to consider whether any personality clashes are due to particular individuals or the culture of your workplace. Is it the nature of the job that is causing frustration, or the people themselves? Would a change of position within the company help? Are you motivated by your colleagues?

Are you satisfied with your work-life balance?

If you are looking for more balance between work and your family life, a change of job isn’t necessarily the answer. Speak to your employer and explain your situation. There are ways you can get a better balance without having to endure a drastic change. Flexible working hours and working from home are two possible options.

However, if after asking yourself these questions you still believe that the only way you will gain personal happiness is by a change in career, then you need to start evaluating your skills, interests and experience. You also need to decide what you want out of your new career. An increased salary? A more friendly company culture? The chance for promotion? Flexible working hours? Put your priorities in order and be honest about whether they are realistic.

Once you have your plans ready, it will be time to start putting them into action. Will you need further study before being able to apply for jobs? You can develop some of your skills online for free, but if you need more qualifications, you will need to start thinking about applying for courses as soon as possible.

You can complete these courses alongside your current job and when you are ready, start applying for other job opportunities. If you are prepared and have done your research, there should be no reason why you can’t be successful in your new career.

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