Salary update - January 2012


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Our monthly salary update will keep you up-to-date on what the average advertised salaries are for office jobs across all industries and geographies.  All information is sourced from

January 2012 figures show that salaries for general staffing roles have increased by 0.01% compared to last month and 0.06% compared to last year.  The top 5 jobs in demand this month are:

1.  Administrator

2.  Sales

3.  Secretary

4.  Customer Service

5.  Telesales

Average UK Advertised Salaries

This months focus - customer service and administrator roles

Candidates for customer service and administrator roles are finding advertised salaries at their lowest levels in recent years, as a surplus of jobseekers has pushed salaries down.  

Salaries for customer service and administrator roles by region

“The reality is that a surplus of jobseekers in these roles means that companies do not need to offer competitive rates at the moment. Customer service roles such as call centre workers, back office workers, and virtual tech support specialists can often be outsourced to reduce costs, and an increase in companies turning to these solutions may be behind the high number of jobseekers in this sector. Meanwhile, the consolidation of certain office roles has led to an increase in competition for administrator roles, and a similar reduction in competitive rates. Finally, growing numbers of graduates have turned to admin and customer service roles as a good route into work in the difficult current climate.” David Clubb, Office Angels.