Salary update - February 2012


This month's focus - PA and office manger roles see unprecedented growth 


It’s top news for PAs this month as advertised salaries in the UK increased by almost 5% on this time last year, outperforming the rest of the market. Office management roles also faired exceptionally well, with growth of almost 4%.  But it’s not PAs and office managers alone that should feel encouraged by the latest data, as salaries for permanent general staffing positions increased by 0.2% across the board; with certain administrative roles seeing significant improvements. 

Average UK Advertised Salaries


Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director of Office Angels, voiced his confidence in the market: “It’s unsurprising that advertised salaries for PAs and Office Managers are increasing so strongly. These critical roles require an increasingly broad range of skills, and it’s essential that companies attract and retain the very best talent.”


It’s reassuring to see such positive shoots of recovery in the market, with advertised PA salaries up to a UK average of £29,040 — currently the highest in general staffing — after year-on-year increases of 4.7%. Office manager roles came in a close second with an average advertised salary of £28,991 — a 3.8% increase on last year. Office managers actually outperformed all general staffing roles in terms of temporary pay rates at £17 per hour, but hourly rates for temporary PAs also came in strong at £15.

Salaries for PA and Office Manager roles by region




This upturn should also give heart to the rest of the sector; as any increase of this level denotes confidence and forward planning, and gives a nod to the importance of office support staff in the running of any business.


The hugely encouraging increase in PA and office management salaries suggests that these increasingly responsible roles may have benefitted from a period of consolidation during the recession. As so many companies streamlined their teams in an all-out effort to minimise costs, those left holding the business together gained greater responsibility, new skills, and an increased involvement in management functions — in all, they became the ‘backbone’ of UK business; and that’s great news for office support staff. 


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