Office Jobs - the right one for you


Starting off life in an office job doesn’t have to mean starting at the bottom making tea and doing all those tasks your seniors don’t want to do. It’s a step on your career ladder and with a bit of work and a great attitude, you could find that you’re actually getting your tea made for you! Office jobs are popular with school leavers as you can work your way up very quickly and who knows where you’ll find yourself in the future.

The job will become a big part of your life, so it’s really important to be happy at work. The last thing you want to do is drag yourself into work every single morning wishing your life away month after month. Your colleagues could become close friends and lifelong relationships can be built; after all, you spend more time at work than anywhere else in your life.

No one’s saying that it’ll be a walk in the park every day and if you’re just starting out, it can be a bit of a steep learning curve  but this won’t last forever and it won’t be long before you make your work space your own, bring in cakes on your birthday and go out for after-work drinks every Friday night.

The types of office jobs you search for will usually depend on your experience, although it’s also wise to think about your long-term goals and the kind of area you want to work in. If you’re something of a fashionista, try to find fashion related companies or fields rather than a job which will never lead you to where you want to go. If you start off as a general admin assistant, think of the future and work towards it. It’ll be a lot easier to work towards a goal in a company where you have an interest.

Ultimately, if you’re fresh out of studying the world is yours for the taking. Wait until the pay checks come rolling in and all that hard work will suddenly seem worthwhile!