Moving up the corporate ladder


Moving up the corporate ladder requires foresight and planning. Here at Office Angels, we can help you take the next step by offering support and advice and by sourcing work suitable to your skills. We have contacts in a great number of companies nationwide and supply for some of the most successful businesses in the country. If you feel it’s time to kick start your career again, book an appointment with your nearest branch and find out what we have available.

If you are already in employment and want to make sure that you’re not overlooked for the next big promotion, there are many ways in which you can help yourself.
• Use your initiative and always be efficient
• Network with the company and with your clients. Talk about yourself (without being arrogant) and explain what you currently do and what you want to achieve.
• Study behavior and relationships within your company.
• Always embrace new opportunities
• Treat everyone fairly and praise those who deserve it.

While some of these may seem obvious, it is very common to become complacent at work and simply do the tasks require of you. The more helpful and competent you are seen to be, the more likely it is that that all-important promotion could be just around the corner.

For many people, their career is a reflection of their personality and their achievement. It is very important therefore always to have goals. If you would like help and advice on reaching these goals and are considering a new career path, read more.  Alternatively, contact us and we will be happy to help.