Questions to ask at the end of your interview

If you are on the hunt for your future job, you might have come across advice that states that you should always ask questions at the end of the interview. This is a good guideline; however it is important to ask a question that will impress any potential employer. 

When framing a question, you need to look at the company and try to find out about the person conducting the interview. You want the question to work for you, not against you so choose your question carefully! The right questions can help you get the job.

Below are five simple questions that and their underlying meanings:

What types of training does your company offer?

This classic question can demonstrate that you are keen to develop your skills and improve your value to the company. 

Is there a chance for future promotion? 

This question can highlight your ambition and long term commitment. 

Can you please tell me how the role relates to the overall structure of the organisation?

This question emphasises your ability to work in a team. It is asking where you will fit in the company and how your role will affect others. 

How would you describe the work culture here?

This tells potential employers that you want to function at your very best and a good work environment is important to you. It can also show that you are a good self-manager who knows how to get the best out of yourself. 

In what way is performance measured and reviewed?

This question can highlight that you value the importance of delivering results and that you understand how important commitment and reliability are in order to achieve your goals. 

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