How to make an impact at work


Are you finding it difficult to get noticed at work? Do you keep getting overlooked for that promotion or do you simply want to make more of an impact on your bosses and colleagues?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, follow our guidelines and you’ll find yourself being noticed by all who matter.

1. Take on tricky tasks and assignments. Try to become the go-to person; the one in the know! Always use initiative, just be careful not to take on more than you can handle and not to become the dog’s body.
2. Always ask for feedback on your work. The only way to improve is to see where you’re going wrong and improve on these mistakes. Ask your colleagues and your bosses for their input. However, make sure you choose the right time place. You don’t want to come across as desperate!
3. Use your inner confidence and ask questions. Asking a question gives you another point of view and makes sure that you understand what’s being asked of you. There’s nothing wrong with asking if you’re not sure of something. After all, a quick answer to a question can save hours of frustration if you do something wrong.
4. Keep learning and keep your brain sharp. There’s nothing wrong with continuing your education while you work and it will keep you stimulated and focused.
5. Be flexible. This is really important if you know you can be stubborn. Adapt to the situation you’re in and always think about the bigger picture and be a team player.
6. Be positive. Enthusiasm will go a long way at work, although there is a thin line between being enthusiastic and looking somewhat manic. 
7. Make connections within the company. These relationships could serve you well in the future.
8. Always be professional and remember that first impressions often stick.  Always dress appropriately and be aware of your body language.
9. Always meet your deadlines and don’t be late. No one likes tardiness and it could set you back if you are often late to work.

Never settle for being ‘good enough’. Always aim higher.  This is a good motto to follow throughout life.

We can help with interview tips and also on how to plan your job search. If you are looking for work, contact us for an appointment.



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