How to look back and learn from your 2011 working year

Christmas isn’t just a time for celebration but also a time for contemplation and reflection. As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to look back and consider the experiences you’ve had at work and how you’ve learned from them. 

This is no mere daydreaming exercise, however, but a real chance to grow from what you’ve learned from in order to improve your career throughout 2012 and beyond. For that reason, it helps to structure your thinking and to take notes.

Get a few blank sheets of paper and start by giving each one a different heading, like “challenges”, “setbacks” and “highlights”. Brainstorm through each one, writing down what’s happened to you this year that comes under each category. 

Then consider whether what you’ve written down has anything in common. Do you think that all of your setbacks were caused by one thing in particular? Is this something that you can solve or work on? For example, you might discover that the setbacks occurred because you are impatient. Can you be more patient next year? If the setbacks are because you are in the wrong job, then resolve to find a new one next year with the help of an office recruitment agency.

Similarly, think about your highlights. What made these happen? If you identify that, you can make even more highlights happen next year. Good luck!

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