How to be the perfect PA


Are you currently a PA and wondering how to make sure that you’re invaluable to your employee? Or perhaps you’re looking for PA jobs to kick start your career? If so, Office Angels can help you break into a career as a PA. We offer advice and support for all of our job seekers.

You will find the following tips useful on how to weather the recession, make sure that you’re a vital asset for the company and make a difference to those around you.

• It’s really important to dress like you really mean business. Turn up smart and with an attitude that states clearly “I’m ready for action”.
• Make sure your boss understands that you’re willing to take on extra responsibility and take the initiative. Find areas where you can make his/her life that little bit easier.
• Be sure to slip in subtle compliments every now and again. Everyone likes to be praised, no matter who they are.
• Help to plan your boss’s week ahead and if there are any large piles of paperwork, offer to help them organise it. There is nothing more depressing than a pile of work which needs to be completed before the working week can actually begin. 
• Don’t wait until you’ve made a mistake which could have been avoided.
• Try to foresee any problems that could occur and give your boss advance warning so that they can make any necessary preparations. Always keep them up-to-date with all important issues.
• Never let your ego take over and never undermine your boss. You don’t want to risk the relationship. Always think of practical solutions and if you can think of an easier way to complete a task, be diplomatic in your approach when you suggest it.
• Take responsibility when they go away and ensure that your boss realises he has left his business in good hands so that he can plan future holidays.

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