Helping employees achieve work-home life balance can benefit employers


Having a good balance between a productive career and a happy home life is one of the biggest social issues of the age. In times long past things seemed much simpler; women gave up their careers when the time came to having a family and men worked to provide the money, squeezing family duties in at the weekend.  Things don’t work like that in the 21st century – many women want to enjoy the challenge of a career as well as a family life and most men wish to be able to spend more time with their children.

This is, in many ways, a recipe for a healthier, more balanced society – but employers also have to be able to run their businesses effectively. After all, without a decent workforce every business would simply fold.  Many employers are starting to recognise that flexible working arrangements can offer benefits like greater productivity and company loyalty.

The key to meeting the needs of the employer, the individual and the family is honesty between all parties. For employers to support flexible working arrangements, they need to know that during working hours the employee will give their full attention to the company’s business. This also needs the understanding of a spouse and their recognition that their partner is not available during working hours (except in emergencies). Likewise, there should not be intrusive business phone calls and emails during family time (again emergencies excepted).

This will result in a win-win situation for all.

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