Handling pre-employment assessments

Some companies may test applicants after the initial application stage or after interview to determine whether they are a good match for the job. If you are asked to take a test, well done – it means there is a good chance the employer is interested in hiring you. The reason they may ask you to take a pre-employment test is because they want to find out if you are the right fit for the job.

You may be asked to complete a personality test to assess your suitability, or a practical test to measure your skills.

An employer will either ask you to come into the office to complete the test(s) or they will provide the assessment(s) online. Either way, most assessments are multiple choice and ask a range of questions designed to evaluate your personality and aptitude. 

Most employers are looking for people who will slot nicely into the company’s culture. That’s where a bit of research can come in handy. Use the company’s website and also your first interview to find out everything you can about their culture and the qualities they value the most. Even the job advert that sparked your initial interest will likely have some clues about the sort of person they’re looking for. 

The key to personality assessments is to think of each question as an employer would. What do they want to hear? If the job you want involves working in a close team, then they’re probably trying to find out if you’re a team player and a good communicator. 

The practical test will depend on the job you are applying for. An admin assistant, for example, could be given a data entry or typing test, while a bar manager may be given a one-day trial. Applying your experience and skills to these tests will help you do your best. 

Remember that if you have made it to the assessment stage, the employer has approved your application and was impressed by your interview, so there’s every reason to approach the pre-employment test(s) with confidence. Try not to put yourself under too much pressure, and always take your time. Go back and check that you are happy with all of your answers and if you are required to write anything, give it a quick proof-read for any spelling or grammatical errors. See the tests as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and show the company why they should hire you. Good luck!

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