First job after university

Your first job after university Being fresh out of university with all the skills and enthusiasm required for full time employment is not, unfortunately, a guarantee that you will instantly get your dream job. However, there are many ways you can help yourself get a foot on the career ladder. Take “any job” A good way to improve your CV whilst keeping yourself afloat financially is to accept any job offer you can get. This may sound counter-productive, but taking “any job” – even if it’s not what you really want to do – will actually show potential employers that you are committed and prepared to work hard. Rather than waiting months or even years for that dream job to fall into your lap, you are being proactive and gaining experience within the workplace. You are also making contacts that could come in handy when you need a reference for your next role. If you do take “any job”, however, don’t stop developing your skills or pursuing the career that really interests you. It is very easy to fall into a rut and accept the situation you are in. Remember how hungry you were for that dream job and never lose sight of that. It is very unlikely that your first job after graduating will be ‘the one’ so remember that it is a temporary situation and you will be able to progress eventually. If you know the field you want to work in, it will be worthwhile applying for a position within a relevant company and trying to work your way up, even if the position is not the one you want in the long-term. Once you have a foot in the door, it will be much easier to learn of vacancies and promotions that are often only advertised in-house. For example, if you want to be an editor, consider taking an administrative role within a publishing company. Take an internship Internships are an excellent way to gain employment and open doors and taking an internship can increase the chance of being offered a full time role. Similarly to taking “any job”, completing an internship demonstrates your willingness to gain experience and contacts, and develop skills. Internships also provide an opportunity to “try out” a particular career choice before you commit to a permanent position within that industry. Be a wonderful employee When you are accepted by a company, whether for an internship or for a permanent job, make sure you are the perfect employee. Hard workers are what most companies are looking for and you must prove that you are just that. Don’t be late or call in sick (unless you’re genuinely ill), and make sure you treat all of your co-workers in a professional manner. Read more about finding your ideal job. To speak to one of our recruitment consultants, contact us today.