Maintaining a balanced home and work life


Working hard is great, but it’s important to have a cut-off point when you switch off from work and focus on your personal life - that’s why it’s called a work-life balance! There are some simple changes you can make at work and at home to help you to maintain the balance and keep you (and your boss!) happy. 

Organise yourself at the office

Working long hours may seem like the best way to get everything done, but don’t push yourself too hard – if you become fatigued, this can affect your performance. Try to cut down on extra hours, and instead maximise productivity in the hours you do work. Consider other options which may be of use to you. Do you have flexitime, job sharing, or work-from-home options available? If so, explore them with your boss and look for a solution that works for both of you.

In addition to rescheduling or cutting down, try to take your allocated breaks every day. There’s a reason you have a legal right to regular breaks, as they give you a vital opportunity to get away from your desk and de-stress.

Leave work at the office

Make plans with friends and family for regular after-work socialising. This will provide motivation for your working week: there’s nothing like a fun night out to help you work efficiently during the day!

Many people carry on working long after they have left the office. With the advent smart phones and tablets, it can be hard to get away from work emails or calls. Try to set clear boundaries with your co-workers about out of hours contact – you are available for emergencies, but nothing else. Leaving work at the office will give you time to unwind and to switch off in the evenings.

Create harmony in your home

Speaking of switching off, the most important tip for any hard worker is ensuring that you get enough sleep. The recommended amount is 8 hours – calculate how much you’re getting on average, and if it’s not enough, see if you can adjust your bedtime or morning routine, to get as much rest as possible. Organisational techniques, like packing your bag the night before and having 15 minutes extra in bed, can make all the difference. A good night’s sleep helps you to focus and work to the best of your ability during the day, so this is a change you can make at home which will have a positive impact at work. 

Most importantly, take care of yourself. Make enough time to lead a healthy lifestyle and do the things you enjoy. It is possible to maintain the work-home balance, and once you find it, you’ll be on your way to happiness and success in all aspects of your life.

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