Absenteeism in the Workplace

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When you’re a team member down, the knock-on effects can be significant.

Based on research of over 1000 UK office workers, we're be sharing a series of guides exploring the key aspects of absenteeism – from loyalty and engagement to employee health, welfare and job satisfaction – to help you deal with the issue long-term. Our top tip guides are designed to help you build a healthier workplace, tackle the root causes of absenteeism and minimise its impact when absence takes you by surprise.

Fun facts about absenteeism:

  • Our research found that UK office workers aged 35-44 are the first to bunk off, followed by 25-34 year olds and then 16-24.
  • People in Wales have pulled the most sickies within the last 12 months, closely followed by East England, Northern Ireland and South East England
  • Arts and Culture, followed by Legal, HR and IT and Telecoms are industries that get most annoyed when colleagues call in sick (and are glad when they've come to work so others don't have to pick up their workload).

Issue 1: Calculating the impact of absenteeism

Our first top tips guide introduces the causes and cost of employee absenteeism – in terms of both money and morale – and shares the basics of better absence management. Download your free guide here.

Issue 2: Get well sooner

Our second top tips guide reveals the facts on absenteeism – from bunking off to soldiering on – how to support employees through sickness, at home and back at the office, and ways to build well-being into your business. Download your free guide here.

Issue 3: Left holding the fort

Our third top tips guide reveals how your approach to absence management affects team relationships, and the vital importance of taking care of well employees.Download your free guide here.

Issue 4: In sickness and in health

Our final issue helps you deal with absence from every angle, rounding up the highlights of our recent campaign in a single, simple-to-use document. Keep it on hand as a ready-reference guide or put it to work in discussion with your local Office Angels expert.Download your free guide here.

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