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Write a winning CV


Helana Barnes, Branch Manager of Office Angels Ashford, knows how to get the best from your CV

Your CV is the biggest sales tool in your job seeking arsenal; but it’s everybody else’s, too. Hiring managers get hit with hundreds of CVs every week, so if you give them an excuse to disregard yours — such as spelling mistakes, a poor layout, or a lack of clear contact details — you’ll be helping to make that pile a little lighter.

Five top tips for your CV:

  1. Keep it to two pages 
  2. List your responsibilities and achievements for each role as this will demonstrate what your role is and why you’re good at it
  3. Put your most recent position first and ensure you account for any gaps 
  4. Talk numbers, such as calls taken in a day or how you delivered against budget, depending on the nature of your role 
  5. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors, and get someone else to  give it the once over too

And five things to avoid on your CV:

  1. Don’t exaggerate your skills — you’ll get found out
  2. Photos. It’s unnecessary and can look unprofessional  
  3. Inappropriate sounding email addresses — set up a new one for  application purposes
  4. Irrelevant information that won’t sell you to a potential employer 
  5. Talking in the third person 

For more help with crafting a winning CV, get in touch today.  Find a branch near you or get in touch with me or any one of our friendly consultants from our Ashford branch:

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For more advice on how to create your perfect CV read our guide.

Good luck for writing your CV and finding your dream job.

Helana Barnes, Manager
Office Angels, Ashford