Using benefits and bonuses to boost your income


With the cost of living rising at a rate of knots, and salaries struggling to keep up after a tough few years (not been the easiest time, has it?), it can be really difficult to make your pennies stretch to end of the month; and if you’re trying to save, this can be even more frustrating.

We really do feel your pain, but we also know that there’s much more to your earnings than salary alone. If you’re going for a new office job or trying to negotiate a pay rise, these little add-ons can be great bargaining tools:


Some jobs will reward you with a specific amount of money based on meeting targets or KPIs. It works as a great motivator and can be really fun to have something to aim for.

Profit sharing or share options

These are paid to employees based on the success of the company as a whole. They’re not always available to every employee, but it’s certainly worth asking about.

Education reimbursement

We’re big on skills and training, and if you’re keen to gain a new qualification, it's not always necessary to quit your office job. If it’s a skill that’s going to make you better at your job, your employer might agree to help with the costs.

Life insurance

It might not be the cheeriest of subjects to think about, but having life insurance can provide a lot of security; especially if you’ve got a family.


It's important to think about your future and this includes your pension. Your employer may offer a pension scheme, but some companies will choose to add additional contributions to your monthly payments.

Company car

This can save you a huge amount of money on travel costs, which frees up a good chunk of your money for rent, bills, or the joys of shopping.

Subsidised travel or season ticket loans

Season tickets can set you back a really scary amount, but they do cut down on costs across the year as a whole, so it’s worth making the most of if you can borrow the money upfront, then pay a little off each month.

Home working

If your employer is prepared to let you work from home, you can save big on travel costs, food, and even outfits for work. It’s also likely that you’ll be provided with Internet access, a laptop, and a company mobile. Happy days.

Child day care

Childcare costs are so high these days that they often put new parents off returning to work full-time; but some companies offer childcare facilities in-house or through a local nursery -- saving you an absolute fortune.

Gym membership

Whether it’s subsidised or free, cutting the costs of pricy gym memberships is a benefit not to be sniffed at.

Hopefully you’ve now got a better idea of what to ask for if you’re struggling to negotiate a higher salary or pay rise -- or even if you’re happy with your current earnings, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to save on other costs throughout the month.

If you need any more tips on boosting your income with benefits or bonuses, feel free to get in touch.