Career planning


Whatever direction you want your career to head in — be it PA, customer service advisor or marketing manager — you’ll need a bit of a plan. And because we’re experts when it comes to helping you to achieve your career objectives, we’ve put together a handful of hints to smooth the way.

See your career as a journey
Have a clear idea of where it is you want to go so that you don’t get blown off course. Work out some key milestones based on skills, salary or responsibilities, and make sure you don’t focus on job titles alone. Once you know where you’re heading, try to keep an open mind about the route you take so you don’t limit your opportunities.

Know what motivates you
Work feels less like work when you enjoy it, so make sure you choose well. Find out what interests you and suits your lifestyle, and what areas you’re passionate about. It’s also good to have a job that incorporates the things that you’re naturally good at, but challenges you at the same time.

Identify which skills you need to progress
Once you’ve established what interests and motivates you, the next step is to match your skills to your chosen career path. Identify which qualities you need to succeed, then take part in a little training.

Qualifications vs. experience
Some roles ask for specific qualifications, but whilst employers may be attracted to people that can boast skills on paper, they’re even more impressed by anyone that’s been committed enough to gain experience in their chosen field.

Ask for evidence
If promises of career progression are made at interview, make sure they’re not being made sweepingly. Ask the interviewer for real life examples of how they’ve supported their other employees in reaching career milestones. 

Put your plan in context
Market conditions will always have an impact on how quickly you can fulfil your ambitions. Whilst drive is important, you do need a healthy dose of realism too. Remain flexible and open-minded, and remind yourself that you’ll get there with a little perseverance.

Consider all options
Whilst you might have your end goal in sight, it’s a good idea to keep your options open. Planning for your future is brilliant for making you feel safe, secure and all fuzzy inside, but if another job that interests you comes along, don’t be afraid to explore a whole other route. It could be just what you were destined for.

Know your employer’s expectations
If you want to get ahead, it helps to have the support of your manager. Get to know what they expect of you and ask for regular feedback, advice and guidance. If you prove your worth, they won’t want to lose you.

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