Boost your internal profile


If you’re starting to feel like you should be moving up the career ladder, taking on extra responsibility, or aiming for more money, you don’t always have to go on the hunt for a new office job. When you’re good at what you do — and we have every confidence that you’re brilliant if you’re reading this to get ahead — your employer will want to hang onto you; which means they should go to every effort to help you reach your professional goals.

Make the most of your appraisals

Appraisals provide the perfect opportunity to ask for constructive feedback, to discuss your pay and progression, and to explain how you feel about your own performance. It’s a good idea to go into your appraisal armed with loads of evidence about how well you’re doing, along with any positive feedback that you’ve received for completed projects or your work in general. If your boss doesn’t think you’re ready to move onto the next rung of the ladder just yet, ask for clear direction to get yourself promotion ready — we’re sure they’ll be impressed by your eagerness.

Work outside of your own team

Career opportunities come in many guises, and they’re not always limited to your immediate team. To give yourself the best chance of being spotted for an exciting move, try to work across as many teams and departments as you can — so long as it doesn’t mean falling behind with your own work of course. Try volunteering for projects that involve people you haven’t worked for in the past, and do your best to really wow them with your skills, attitude, and motivation levels.

Knowledge is everything

Gaining new skills and qualifications can really set you up to succeed. When you’re working, you may be able to take a part-time course, invest in long distance learning, or even get your employer to fund a course that will ultimately make you a much better, and more valued, member of staff. Whoever is footing the bill, you’re bound to impress your current company with your eagerness to improve.

Boosting your internal profile isn’t actually all that difficult, so long as you keep your goals in mind. Follow our tried and tested advice and we have every faith that your hard work will be recognised in no time. And if it’s not, just give us a call — we know scores of employers that would be keen to snap you up.   


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