Dress for success


Looks aren’t everything, but feeling your best is. Really, it all comes down to confidence: when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good, you’re capable of almost anything. But you don’t have to be a stunning size zero to have great self esteem.

If you’re lacking in the confidence stakes ― and don’t we all from time to time ― here’s some of our very own tried and tested methods for giving yourself a boost.

Dress to enhance your mood
Your overall image ― which includes your clothes, style, hair and makeup ― has a huge effect on how you feel and how others see you. If you look in the mirror and feel dull and uninspired, this is what you’ll project to family, friends and colleagues alike. So wear clothes that you feel good in, and let them make you smile.

Depending on your personality, you might love bold shades or feel totally out of your comfort zone in something bright. The key is to find the colours that suit you. If you can pull off red or pink, they act as great mood enhancers, so try to get a few items in your wardrobe, whatever the shade. Greens and yellows can be really uplifting too, so experiment with these, even if it’s just in the form of an accessory.

Style isn’t just about wearing great clothes; it’s about wearing clothes that look great on you. When you understand your body shape and your style personality, you can choose clothes that will make you feel ultra confident whenever you walk out of the door. 

Dress appropriately
First impressions really do count, so dress according to the occasion. Donning jeans for a job interview is unlikely to impress, so think about the situation you’re going to find yourself in and try to imagine what everyone else is likely to be wearing.  Think about the industry you’re working in too, fashion and creative industries will dress differently from the finance industry.  When you’re dressed appropriately, your confidence will soar.

There’s no limit to the fun that you can have with your wardrobe. Just make sure you don’t overdo it at work!

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