Be your best at work


Getting a new office job is extremely exciting, but that’s just the start of it. Whether you’re a receptionist, sales executive, PA, fashion buyer or office manager, you’ll have lots of people relying on you and your excellent organisational skills. With that in mind, you’ll want to be the very best you can be; because being a truly invaluable asset at any company certainly has its benefits.

Being rather passionate about our own jobs (and by rather, we mean fanatically), we understand better than most the urge to wow your bosses and colleagues alike. And because all of our recruitment consultants share the same drive and dedication, we thought it’d be a jolly good idea to compile the best of what we know into one handy section ― we promise not to take any of the credit.

From starting a new job and managing your time effectively, to keeping on top of stress and maintaining a good work-life balance, you’ll find all of the resources that you need to be your best at work. We’ll also help you to plan for your holiday handover and to prepare for maternity leave if you’re at that stage in your life; whilst giving you a few pointers on remaining optimistic, dressing for success, and resolving workplace issues.