Be optimistic


A little bird told us that optimists are far more likely to succeed.  Whether optimism comes to you naturally, or you have to try that little bit harder, it’s definitely worth the effort. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make yourself think more positively:

Avoid negative environments
Misery really does love company, so try to avoid being around negative people ― their constant moaning will only drag you down. If this isn’t possible, try to follow each of their negative comments with a positive nugget of your own. This will either wear off on them (happy days), or annoy them so much they’ll stop bothering you with their moaning.

Celebrate your strengths
The key to being happy and successful is to play to your strengths, rather than to concentrate on your weaknesses. Focus on what you do well, and spend five minutes every day reminding yourself of what you’re good at ― trust us, you’ll be feeling more positive in no time.

Ignore what you can’t change
Sometimes, there are little things about ourselves that try as we might, we just can’t do anything about. You could spend a lifetime letting this get you down, or you could accept yourself for the wonderful person you are, and move on. Now, which sounds like a more worthwhile option to you?

Look for the silver lining
The saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ is actually bang on the money. When things don’t go to plan, the situation you’re left with often creates new opportunities and fresh perspectives. So the next time you’re met with a problem, focus on the positives, rather than dwelling on what went wrong.

Focus outside yourself
Try focusing on the important people in your life, and on projects and pursuits that make you happy and give you a sense of purpose and direction. Too much time spent thinking about yourself never did anyone any good. There’s an awfully big world out there.

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