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Gaynor Hobbs, Branch Manager from our Cambridge branch has compiled five top tips for boosting your profile at work

Your profile is a reflection of the skills, strengths, expertise, and attitude that you bring to a company. Not everyone realises how important their attitude in the office is, but the way you’re viewed at work has a huge impact on your career prospects and earning potential.

1. Honesty

You need to gain people’s trust to prove that you’re reliable; so deliver on time, keep your promises, be discreet, and don’t become the office gossip, and your manager will be giving you more important, confidential work in no time. And with extra projects under your belt, you’ll soon be seen as a credible worker.

2 Skills and expertise

Being seen as someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty will naturally bring you to the attention of senior management, so volunteer yourself for projects outside of the usual remit of your role. You could even offer to become a mentor, or get involved with projects from another department or sister company. You’ll be doing wonders for your own development, getting valuable experience, and gaining visibility beyond your team alone.

3. Responsibility

Showing that you’re a responsible worker will increase the amount of trust that other people place in your abilities; which is vital for securing any kind of promotion or pay rise. A great way of proving yourself is to take on extra responsibilities. Approach every new task with a positive attitude, gain buy in from others, and ask for feedback as you go.

4. Networking

If you want to go far you need to spread your wings, so join a professional network and start sharing ideas. If you commit to it and your content is credible, you’ll soon be seen as an expert in your area. You can also use Linkedin and Twitter to post information, connect to new people, and invite comments from other members. Getting to know people beyond the reaches of your own office will mean you not only have some great role models, but some all important contacts for future opportunities.

5. Brand ‘me’

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, everyone has a brand. This is what we like to refer to as brand ‘me’. Your brand is the sum of all your strengths, skills, expertise, and what you stand for. It tells people what they can expect of you and what you can deliver, so you need to make sure that your brand is a positive and consistent one. Every time you communicate, whether that’s verbally or via email, be consistently professional, polite, considerate, confidential and hard working. Stick to this and your ‘brand’ will really help to take you places.

If you want to shine as a truly top employee, follow our 5 top tips for standing out and making your mark. And if you still need a helping hand, get in touch with your nearest branch or get in touch with me or any one of our friendly consultants from our Cambridge branch:

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All the best for boosting your profile at work.

Gaynor Hobbs, Branch Manager
Office Angels, Cambridge