What to expect


If you’re sick or running late

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re at death’s door when you’re due at the office; but we’re all human, so if you are feeling under the weather and really can’t come to work, let us know as soon as possible. You might be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (subject to the rules of the scheme and to you submitting the right medical documents), so pick up the phone as soon as you know you won’t be able to make it in.

And we know that all of our temps are conscientious and super punctual, but sometimes trains, traffic, or unexpected disasters can disrupt your morning routine. If that happens and you’re running late for your assignment, make sure you give us a call before 9am, just in case we need to find someone to cover for you.

Health and safety

We’ll do everything we can with our clients to care for your health and safety when you’re on an assignment.

Healthand safety is the responsibility of all and legislation says that Temporary Workers (Agency staff) are treated exactly the same as the clients own staff.

We’ll do all we can to give you a safe and healthy workplace by reviewing any risks and addressing these.

If you see anything you think is a health and safety risk, it’s up to you to highlight this to your Line Manager and to us.

What to expect on your first day

We know that your first day in a new assignment can be nerve-wracking. You don’t know your way around, who your colleagues are, or where anything is - and as a temp, you have to find your feet really quickly. But don’t worry; our clients are just as helpful and supportive as our consultants, so they’ll have you up to speed in no time.

Your Line Manager should tell you:

  • The location of the fire exits and assembly points
  • Where the toilets are
  • Whether you’ll need any training for the role
  • How and where to go to report accidents
  • Any other information that’s relevant to your role or workplace
  • Who/where the first aider is

Keeping you safe

Most of the tasks that you’ll be asked to do will have been assessed for risk already; but in some cases, despite reducing risk to a reasonable level, we can’t promise there won’t be any at all.

If this is the case you may need to wear PPE - Personal Protective Equipment designed to protect you while you’re in potentially hazardous areas. You’ll be told this before starting your assignment though, as you’ll need to make sure you know how to wear or use it correctly.

Please look after it well, and if it needs replacing, let your Line Manager know.


As a temp, you are entitled to paid annual leave, your entitlement is built up in relation to how long you’ve been on assignment up to a maximum of 28 days (inclusive of recognised bank holidays) in each complete holiday year.

Please note that

Office Angels holiday year begins on the Monday immediately following the last Friday in December and ends on the last Friday in December. All paid annual leave must be taken during the leave year in which it was accrued and may not be carried over.

You will need to complete a holiday form for any day you wish to take as holiday – including a bank holiday as some of our clients work over these days. We do require at least a week’s notice for before you go on leave.

Contact your branch for a holiday form.

Download your guide to temping with Office Angels.