Completing your timesheet


We’re pretty confident that you’ll want to be paid for the hours you work, so it’s really important that you record them. For every week of your assignment, you’ll be given a timesheet to do just that.

Use it to record your daily hours, and send it back to us at the end of the week. It’s that simple.

Follow our five top tips on completing your timesheet

1.  Round up your daily hours to the nearest quarter (it makes it that much easier for us non-Maths boffins). A quarter of an hour is written as 0.25; so if you’ve worked 7 hours 15 minutes, write 7.25, or 7.75 for 7 hours 45 minutes. When adding up your daily hours, make sure you write them on the right days, and deduct any unpaid breaks from your total.

2.  Overtime needs to be authorised and clearly marked on the timesheet - otherwise you might not get paid for all those extra hours. Remember: OT1 is time and a half, and OT2 is double time.

3.  Sign and date your timesheet and tick your Travel Wings Plus box (we’ll explain all about this later in the guide), choosing your mode of transport if you’re claiming for that week.

4.  After you’ve completed your timesheet, ask a manager in your department to sign and date it too. 
5. Timesheets are processed on a Monday for the previous week, and you’ll be paid the following Friday. But it’s up to you to get your timesheets completed, submitted and signed by yourself and the employer in time for payroll - if you don’t, you might have to put that spending spree on ice.