Christmas parties: having fun without jeopardising your job


In December most employers organise an office Christmas party. While this should be a fun occasion, knowing how to behave at an office party can be confusing – it is not every night out that you have a drink with your boss. The Christmas party is talked about for weeks afterwards so, to avoid risking your reputation, follow this check list of Christmas party dos and don’ts from Angela Smith, Operations Director at Office Angels:

  • Buddy up: having a few drinks at the party could affect your professional compass. It is a good idea to arrange with a colleague you trust to keep an eye on each other. As the night goes on, you can help to make sure neither does something that you will later regret.
  • Stay professional: while you should let your hair down at your party, you should remain professional. It is best to avoid discussing private workplace issues, such as asking your boss for a promotion or pay rise.
  • Use the opportunity to network: Christmas parties are a great way to meet colleagues you don’t work with day to day. You can make friends and new contacts elsewhere in your company, who might introduce you to new work or help progress your career at a later date.
  • Dress for success: the Christmas party is a chance to exercise a bit of individuality in the way you dress, but you should still keep your company dress code in mind. I would advise against dressing very provocatively or revealing tattoos and piercings that you have previously kept hidden.
  • Getting home safely: plan a safe journey home in advance, and leave at a reasonable hour. You should enjoy your night, but make sure you’re able to make it into work on time the next day.
  • Hide that hangover: a couple of drinks and less sleep than usual often leads to a sore head the next day. However fragile you feel, you should remember it is another working day.

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