Secrets to award season success

Six ways to put in a stand-out performance whether it’s a Hollywood production or workplace promotion, what are the secrets to an award-worthy performance?

Five ways to say thanks at work

Every year, on the final Thursday in November, our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving – a whole day devoted to being grateful for what we have. And while family, friends and health often top the list, it’s important to recognise the many benefits we reap from our professional lives too.

Defusing tension in the workplace

Familiar with office fireworks? Crackling tensions, short fuses, explosive personalities...we’ve all felt the heat – or given it – at some point in our career. Luckily, colleague clashes tend to fizzle out when the tension of a pressing project or looming deadline passes. But what if the pressure persists?

How to get what you want out of the hiring process

According to the IMF, in 2014 the UK economy grew at 3%; its fastest rate since the recession. For the average UK worker this is good news: where there is growth, there are jobs and opportunity. Better yet, companies are having to work much harder to snap up the best candidates in the market.


Make Boss’s Day benefit you both

This week, we celebrate Boss’s Day. Time to say thanks to your manager for their motivation, support and leadership. And while many of us are blessed with marvellous mentors, it’s a long working day when your relationship is less than wonderful.


Tackle the tide of office gossip

This week, we marked ‘Improve your Office Day’ – a chance to make things better in all parts of your business. And while it’s simple to make quick workplace wins by moving furniture, adding light and filling the fruit bowl, that’s only half the story. Colleague relationships can be tougher to keep on track, particularly when office gossip gets in the way of productivity and morale.

Six surefire ways to rock the rest of the year

Autumn is officially here and it’s tempting to follow Mother Nature’s lead with a slow wind down to winter. But coasting through till Christmas won’t do you any career favours.

Dressing the part

It’s London Fashion Week, so while the likes of Cara and Kate sashay down the runway, we’re pondering the perennially tricky prospect of the career catwalk. If your open closet leaves you clueless each morning, you’re not alone.


Hiring in a booming economy

The economy is back on track and businesses have the green light to grow. But are you ready to recruit in a market where candidates call the shots?

The new breed of jobseeker is switched on, spoilt for choice – and snapped up before second interview. Fielding multiple employment offers, they want a fast, flexible, fulfilling route to their next role and demand more than drawn-out, drag-your-heels hiring practices.


What the Rugby World Cup reminds us about teamwork

As England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales prepare to tear up the pitch in the Rugby World Cup in September, there’s a bigger message behind the tries and tackles: the vital importance of teamwork.

Professional insight: financial success

The world of finance is often presented through a prism of slick suits, cut throat competition and city dealing. However, whilst this can be true, here at Office Angels we recognise that a career in the financial sector comes in many shapes and sizes.

How writing a post-interview thank you note can put you in the spotlight

Contacting a potential employer in the aftermath of an interview may sound a tad pushy, but it can stand you in good stead for the final selection process. If the role you’re vying for is in high demand (and most are these days), it pays to set yourself apart — and how better than with a touch of professionalism and personality?


A little recognition goes a long way

Encouraging your employees to perform at their best is crucial for the overall success of your teams, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by thanking them for great work along the way.


How to reach the top in sales

At Office Angels we know that happy and fulfilled workforces make for successful and dynamic companies. With this in mind, our ‘Office Professional Awards 2015’ competition sought out and rewarded the very best office workers from across the UK. Keen to draw upon their expert experience, we have asked winner Karlene Patridge to share her winning insight into what it takes to excel in the competitive world of sales.

Professional insight: How to be a top performing PA

At Office Angels, we want to capture and share the inspirational insights of the UK’s top performing professionals. Where better to start but with the team members who underpin the work of an entire office: the personal assistant.

Developing your staff for long-term retention

In the midst of an international skills shortage, employers are vying for top talent from every corner of the globe, but whilst attracting new blood to your organisation is essential for growth and innovation, investing in the development of your existing workforce is just as important.


Navigating new job nerves

It’s never easy being the newbie, and the jitters are a natural part of any job change. But the fantastic thing about being the fresh talent in an organisation is that you bring a new perspective.


5 ways to be happier at work

People who are productive are likely to be happier at work, and people who are happier tend to be more productive at work. It could be said that the two go hand in hand.You would assume that stress is caused by the amount of work that you do, but surprisingly it isn’t. Stress is caused by the way you manage your work. It’s not what happens; it is how you react to it that creates our experiences.

Inspired workers give their all

It’s no surprise that companies with engaged employees tend to boast lower attrition rates — and to be more successful in general — but did you know that the best way to engage your workers is to inspire them?

Rewarding excellence in the workplace

For the past month, we at Office Angels have been running a national competition to identify and reward the very best employees across the country. By encouraging employers to nominate their most valued team members, the ‘Office Professional Awards 2015’ competition has given managers the opportunity to celebrate top performance, and has pushed them to understand the value of recognising and rewarding professional excellence.


Career lessons from Centre Court

Wimbledon’s back, and we’re gripped by Murray Mania. Can he put Britain back on top? While the country’s caught up in the on-court drama, why not take some career cues from the tennis world’s finest? Whether you’re looking to ace an interview or put the bounce back in your current role, SW19 is a winning place to start.


Five steps to successful stakeholder management

Whether you’re running a business, a big-budget project or a buzzing front desk, you’re surrounded by them – a circle of stakeholders who are influenced and affected by your work. Managing their expectations, keeping them clued up and listening to their needs can be critical to your career success. But it takes time, energy and commitment.

Volunteer your way to a better career

We’re celebrating Volunteers’ Week, the annual salute to the contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK each year. According to the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), around 15.2 million people across the country volunteer at least once a month.

Happy National Receptionists Day

This week, we celebrate National Receptionists Day, saying thanks to the unflappable, first-impression-setting faces of every business. There are few positions that involve such major feats of multi-tasking – from greeting and gate keeping to IT support, event planning, client liaison and company ambassadorship.

Communicate with clout

On 23 April, we celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, so let’s ponder the power of the written word. Whether it’s a quick-fire email or a critical proposal, every message makes an impact. So make sure it’s a positive, professional one.Think precise, punchy and to the point - and rid your writing of the most common mistakes.

Go five shades greener at work

Modern life isn’t kind to Mother devices, mountains of waste paper and miles of commuter cars clogging the motorways. While we’re focusing on our own little working world, it’s easy to forget the wider one outside.April 22nd is Earth Day, so why not think bigger? Changing just five small habits around the office can make a huge difference.

Intelligent hiring for a great place to work

Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming business, but more importantly than wasted time and expense, hiring the wrong person can have an incredibly negative effect on the rest of your employees. So while hiring is never fool-proof, it’s important to make every effort to get it right.

7 tips to secure your next pay rise

Negotiating a pay rise can be a daunting prospect. What should be just a routine conversation can be very stressful: a make or break situation with the potential to damage your professional credibility and leave you feeling exposed.


Time to make your own luck

They say we all have a little of the luck of the Irish on St Patrick’s Day - great news if you’ve been pipped to the post for a promotion or are struggling to secure that second interview. But is luck really the missing link when climbing the career ladder?


Putting time on your side

The tiny two-letter title of ‘PA’ doesn’t quite do the role justice, does it? On any given day, you’re a diplomat, financial analyst, project manager, team leader, event planner extraordinaire, mind reader, travel agent...and bender of time.


One good turn deserves another

This week, we celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day - 24 hours devoted to good old-fashioned, no-strings-attached niceness. It’s all about the little things that give others a big boost, from paying a compliment to paying for a stranger’s Starbucks.


Beat sickness anxiety and take time off!

Are you one of those people in the office who feels the need to come into work snuffling, watery-eyed and sneezing because you are too concerned about mounting deadlines and work pressure to take time off to rest? At Office Angels, we have found that you are not the only one.


That time of year again? Coping with employee absence

The febrile months of January, February and March are upon us. The seasons are in flux, and, it appears, so are our immune systems. The ensuing tide of employee absences is a common problem for businesses across the country, but how should you steer the choppy waters of this HR headache?


Bounce back from Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year. The tinsel’s been binned, the weather’s woeful and you’ve realised quinoa is no substitute for Quality Street. No wonder so many workers are tempted to pull a sneaky sickie today.


Turning resolutions into results

Ah, January. Time to land that dream job, drop three dress sizes and climb the property ladder. Oh, and read more, drink less and climb Kilimanjaro...and sell those old handbags on eBay.

Sound familiar? Whipping up a New Year wish list is a great way to clarify your goals, but for many of us, the fire in our bellies has fizzled out by February. Not such a happy start to the year after all.


How to nail your next recruitment agency interview

An interview with a recruitment consultant can be daunting, particularly if you’ve never met with an agency before. It’s an ambiguous topic not often discussed – what’s appropriate, what’s professional and what should you reveal about yourself? While expert guides exist to guide you through a job interview, the candidate/consultant interview style can vary from agency to agency.


Why temping is worth it

Working as a temp is a brilliant way of exploring different jobs and industries; and to add new skills and experience to your bow. If you’re looking at changing careers, temping is the way to get first-hand experience. It’s also great for making your work life fit nicely around your personal life.

How to negotiate a pay rise

The following advice will help you ask your employer to reconsider your salary. While nothing can ever be guaranteed, if you follow these tips, you’ll increase your chances of having your request granted.

Supercharge your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is much more than just a business networking tool – it could be the missing link in your job search. With more than 16million registered users in the UK alone, it’s the perfect platform to showcase your skills to a world of potential employers. In fact, it’s often the first port of call for hiring managers looking to cherry-pick choice candidates.

Plotting your path to promotion

Getting promoted is harder than it’s ever been. In the past, it was enough to perform your job well. Today, you often have to go above and beyond the status quo, fighting off stiff competition from your colleagues for promotions which are often few and far between.


The importance of a good holiday handover

Holidays are, without a doubt, one of the year’s most celebrated highlights, and when your much-anticipated jaunt draws tantalisingly close, work is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you want to keep your colleagues sweet for your return, you might want to re-think that stance.


How to convince your boss to invest in your future

Whether you’re hungry for promotion or just thirsty for knowledge, boosting your skill set through training can make you a far more valuable employee. But how do you get the green light?


The benefits of teamwork

If the world cup taught us anything, it’s the importance of teamwork. Good, old-fashioned teamwork.

Whatever companies you’ve been a part of in the past, you’re bound to have come across inspirational quotes about teamwork, been presented with innumerable opportunities to attend group activities and team bonding activities, and been lectured on the importance of effective teamwork and team building. But there’s a good reason behind it.

6 steps on taking a softer approach to career success

Looking for a new job can be a tough old business; there are roles to search for, CVs to update, interviews to prepare for, and competition to beat. But it can be an equally rough ride for employers.

Improve your career prospects by being more popular

Being popular at work can actually make a difference to your career; especially if you’re hoping to move into (or make a success of) a management position.

How to deal with annoying co-workers - and not be one yourself

When it comes to co-workers, everyone has their pet peeve. Annoying or not – we still have to work with them so here are some tips on how to deal with them and not be one yourself.

8 ways to wind down after work

You get home from a long and challenging day at work, fix yourself some dinner, and start on the evening’s usual tasks. Before you know it, the hour you’ve been dreaming of finally arrives: bed time.

The 15 words hiring managers love to see

A new piece of research from the Harris Poll* has uncovered the 15 words that have the greatest impact on hiring managers — allowing you to turn your CV into the ultimate sales tool by presenting your achievements in the best way possible.

Five mistakes to steer clear of when looking for your next job

First job, next job, or dream job, the principles remain the same. You need to prove to a potential employer that you’re serious about the role, committed to the company, and above all, the right person for the job. You can start by avoiding the following mistakes at all costs.

Pension auto enrolment: what does it mean for you?

Not everyone plans for their retirement when they’re young. With houses to buy, holidays to save for and births and marriages to factor in along the way, a pension is sometimes at the very bottom of your list when it comes to distributing your monthly pay check. And therein lies the problem.

How ‘boring’ tasks can boost your professional prowess

No matter how seemingly glamorous the job, every position (and industry) has its mundane, boring and tedious parts. And whilst most of us would love to palm these bits onto anyone within a 50-mile radius, they’re actually a really important part of your career evolution.

Ace your interview with the STAR technique

Job interviews are your chance to shine; your one big shot to show the interviewer why you’re the best person for the job. But if you really want to do yourself justice, you need to prepare a fail-safe structure for answering those all-important questions.

The death of the job for life

Making job-hopping work for you. Communities were built around one key employer, children typically followed their parents into a trade, and workers often stayed put until their retirement days dawned. Nowadays, the landscape couldn’t look more different.

Five steps to improving your communication skills

When you’re competing for office and secretarial jobs in a sea of talent, you can’t afford to let yourself down on something as basic as communication skills.

The perils of the office Christmas party

Hoorah — it’s that time of year again when we can eat, drink and be merry. But what happens when that merriment goes a tad too far?

Is your career suffering through sickness?

Our health always seems to take a back seat in the grand scheme of things: we hit the winter months and find ourselves struck down with all manner of germs. And, a lot of the time, we could be doing much, much more to keep our wellbeing levels high.

Ten ways to manage a heavy workload

Work: love it or loathe it (and if you loathe it, you might want to check out our current office jobs), there are bound to be times when your workload soars out of all control.

From having to cover for a colleague that’s called in sick, to working on projects with seemingly impossible deadlines, we could all do with a little steer on how to handle an overwhelming workload.

Ten easy steps to make your creative skills flourish

If you have a degree, nothing can ever detract from your achievement, but with so many graduates competing for jobs in an increasingly tough market, you need to set yourself apart. How? By displaying the sort of skills that are really valued in the modern workplace. And topping the board? Creativity.

The Top Five Most Common Interview Questions

Job interviews don't have to be that terrfiying experience of facing the unknown. As recuitment professionals,Office Angels has compiled a list of the most common questions to help you deliver your best and land that dream job.

Why Aren't Employers Hiring Me?

Understand more about the importance of language and grammar when applying for jobs in this interesting article and help ensure you land that dream job.

Flexible working: a new way of life

Virtual teams. Hot desks. Home-based employees. The modern workplace is rarely ever static. More than ever, people are keen to break with tradition in a bid to find a working pattern that matches their lifestyle.

How to write and design your CV using Microsoft Word

In the second of our two-part blog post series about CVs, we tell you how to best lay out your CV using Microsoft Word.

CV writing guide: 7 things to include in your CV to impress employers

Find out what information you should include in your curriculum vitae and personal statement to help you stand out from the crowd in our free user guide.

Paid Paternity Leave for Men - A Guide to Your Rights

Paternity leave: a vital part of becoming a parent. Being present for your child’s first few days or weeks on this earth is an important part of parent-child bonding – both for mothers and fathers.

Most commonly asked job interview questions and answers

Want to learn how to ace an interview? Preparation is the key. Although every interview, interviewer and role is different, there are some common questions that many companies rely on to find out how suited to a vacancy a candidate is.

Find the ideal job to match your personality – career quiz

Our career quiz tool aims to help you understand what type of person you are, and whether a career change might help you find your ideal job.

Career change at 30+: how to change your career in later life

For many of us, reaching our 30s heralds the time to seriously think about our ‘real careers’ and whether we’re in the ‘right job’ for us.

Jobs for 16-18 year olds & school leaver programmes

We’ve updated our article about jobs for school leavers to make sure you’ve got all the information you need.

How to use a recruitment agency and get a better job

We’ve expanded our advice to make sure you’ve got all the information you need about using a recruitment agency.

What are the worst CV mistakes to make?

You don’t need us to tell you that having a good CV can be the difference between bagging an interview and being confined to the reject pile. p>

Top five office jobs in the East and Midlands this week

Looking for UK office jobs in the East and Midlands? If so, this week’s top five jobs blog post is for you.

Top five office jobs in London this week

In the second instalment of our top five jobs series, we head to London to find out more about some of the great roles up for grabs through Office Angels.

2013 Q1 salary update

During the first quarter of 2013, average salaries for permanent general staffing roles remained fairly consistent, with any declines falling mostly below the 3% mark - indicating a competitive but buoyant market; salaries on the temporary side have however seen far greater variation.

Top five office jobs this week: across the UK

Here at Office Angels, we’re proud to help our great candidates find the perfect job. Office jobs are our forte – but that doesn’t just mean admin jobs.

Work skills: what you will need in the future

Employability skills – attributes every jobseeker is expected to demonstrate and every employer demands. But what exactly are these skills that are always so much in demand?

How to Write a Cover Letter

They say you should never judge a book by its cover: too bad nobody ever thought to extend the same teaching to CVs. All too often, worthy candidates find themselves at the bottom of the recycling bin because their covering letter fails to highlight the promise within.

Health and working from home: five things to consider when you’re working remotely

Whether you work from home every day or only do so occasionally, this highly convenient practice can sometimes result in you compromising your health, and often without you even realising.

Competition Results: #MyPerfectSaturday

As part of our Work Happy, Work Well campaign, we asked you to tweet us what makes your perfect Saturday, including the hashtag #MyPerfectSaturday as part of our campaign and we got an overwhelming response!

Our best advice for candidates seeking a PA/secretarial role

25 years ago, secretaries were good typists, managed diaries, and had basic PC skills. Things have moved on considerably since then. Depending on the size of the company, many secretaries and personal assistants now play a much more integral role in the company.

#MyPerfectSaturday Competition: What’s your top tip for making the most of your free time?

For many of us, the work-life balance may be off. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time every now and then.

Is there still stigma attached to part-time working dads?

Earlier this year, we published the results of our part-time working dads survey, which looked at the emergent trend of fathers taking a greater role in the upbringing of their children.

Office Angels Happy Pack competition: the results

Towards the end of March, we ran a competition offering you the chance to win one of 100 Office Angels 'Happy Packs', as part of our Work Happy, Work Well campaign.

How to beat those Sunday night blues

We all know that end-of-weekend feeling. No matter how much you love your job, the thought of a potentially stressful week ahead is enough to put anyone in a bad mood.

Healthy packed lunch ideas: how does your lunch measure up?

With recent news highlighting many high street restaurants are serving up meals with hidden high salt levels, we got to thinking about how healthy our everyday lunches really are.

How to achieve a good work-life balance

The importance of getting the right balance between your job and your social life can't be underestimated. A recent survey has revealed 63% of women define professional success as having the right balance between work and their personal life.

Who needs Mr Motivator? Workplace motivation techniques

Finding motivation in the workplace is not always easy. Many things motivate us while we're at work, for example our salaries. As well as this, more than 80% of people believe having a good boss inspires greater motivation

WIN an Office Angels ‘Happy Pack’

As part of our 'Work Well, Work Happy' campaign we would like to know what makes YOU most happy at work. Answer this question in our survey to win an Office Angels 'Happy Pack'.

Building positive relationships in the workplace

Working hard and meeting deadlines are only two pieces of the career progression puzzle. A third - and some would say the most important - is building and maintaining positive relationships in the office.

Say goodbye to stressful mornings for good

For many of us, our morning routine consists of a ten minute snooze on the alarm clock, a rushed shower, throwing on clothes, grabbing the car keys and running out the door.

Time management tips at work

Poor time management is one of the biggest causes of stress at work. At times, we've all felt like we don't know whether we're coming or going, and it's not a nice feeling.

Stress-busting exercise at the office

Exercise: you either love it or you hate it, and even if you hate it, chances are you realise how important regular exercise is to your health. When you're struggling to get enough motivation for that morning run, try to think about how great exercise is for you.

What to do if you are unhappy at work

At some point in our working lives we're all likely to hit a rough patch in one way or another. This could be being asked to take part in an office project we don't really enjoy, or having to work with someone who is difficult and unhelpful.

Five tips to seeing solutions not problems

How often do you moan about your job? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour? Chances are, even if you're chasing your dream career, you find time for at least a little moan every now and then.

Five everyday things that make you happy in the workplace

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make us happy. Little things can go a long way in the office, whether that's a colleague telling you how great you are to work with, or even someone just keeping up with their turn on the tea round.

Getting the best out of your career

Having a clear sense of career progression undoubtedly plays a big part of being happy at work. What's more, in today's fiercely competitive job market, we often need to step up and deliver more than is expected of us in the office.

Work happy: beat stress with food and drink

Being happy in the workplace is an integral part of a successful career. Taking steps to ensure your happiness at work will not only aid your productivity and engagement, but will also make building relationships with your colleagues and clients easier and more fulfilling.

2012 Q4 salary update

Looking back over the past quarter, average salaries for permanent general staffing roles have remained consistent. Declines are minimal, with salaries remaining predominately competitive across the country.

Being liked in the workplace

Being well-liked in the workplace can do as much for your career as meeting deadlines and being a hard worker. But office politics can be tricky to negotiate and what will score you points as an old hand won't necessarily work for a newbie.

Resigning Dos and Don’ts

Handing in your notice might be an easy decision if you have been given a better offer. But maintaining a good relationship with people you have worked for may be important for references and future networking opportunities, so resigning well is well worth the effort.

What not to do when searching for a job

We all make mistakes, but if you've been on the job hunt for a while, and are not getting anywhere, it might be that you need to rethink your job hunt strategy. Here are our top no-nos when it comes to job hunting.

Get a glowing reference

Employers will frequently request references from previous firms you have worked for. How do you make sure the information they give reflects positively on you? Well for a start, you don't have to worry too much.

Dealing with workplace conflict

Despite our best efforts, things don't always run smoothly in the workplace, and when issues arise or people struggle to get along with each other, it can be hard to know how to set everything straight.

Organisation is key to success

Being organised in the workplace will help you keep on top of things, keep up to date and even free up time to take on additional responsibility. Career success relies on a good level of organisation, so here are some tips on upping your achievement levels by getting prepared in advance.

Improving your self-confidence

Lack of self-esteem can be a vicious cycle. We all have down days and times when we don't quite live up to our own, or others' expectations of us but we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to feeling good about ourselves.

New year, new career

If you've got a touch of the January blues, or you've woken up with a New Year hangover that has left you wondering whether your life is headed in the wrong direction, it's a great time to reassess your career goals for the coming year. Here's how you know it's time for a change.


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01/03/2012 First job after university

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