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Ahead of the game


Help jobseekers stay ahead of the game. Clue them up.

When hiring new recruits, most employers agree that what they really want is reliable people who do a great job, get on with their team, and throw in a dose of positivity for good measure. Nothing groundbreaking there then.

But this is the bare minimum. It’s what “comes as standard”, as the car ads say. So what exactly is it that sets jobseekers apart?

To really get to the bottom of what it takes to stay ahead of the game in today's ultra-competitive market, we asked our very loyal - and reassuringly diverse - employers and jobseekers for their valuable, knowledgable and altogether informed opinions; and we're bringing you the results in the form of some incredibly useful little articles.

The competition winners have been chosen, find out if you've won a 16GB black new iPad now.

Are you an employer looking for inspiration on how to boost team morale this Summer? Check out our top tips on Workplace Engagement and Gearing up for the Summer.

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